Why the name "Coyote's Path"?

The coyote is a master of survival; adaptable, keen, and fully aware of its environment. The coyote knows where to find food and water and where the dangerous and safe places are. The coyote is a wise mentor and playful trickster. If one were to follow the trail of a coyote, they would learn much about this being, the ecology of the land it traverses, and perhaps themselves as they fall into their familiar patterns while analyzing the trail. To tread on the coyote’s path is to immerse oneself in the skills of survival, ecology, and inner tracking. The coyote is the guide, but it can only beckon, one must put forth the effort to follow.


Coyote’s Path is an organization that offers a unique outdoor education and guiding experience meant to foster an individual’s personal connection with the natural world, the human community, and oneself.  Our mission is to provide instruction and mentoring services in outdoor skills and guided outdoor experiences meant to give our customers the tools and knowledge necessary to be adept and mindful wilderness travelers, stewards, and human beings.


Ron Waline

Lead Instructor, Owner/Operator

Since I was a young child the natural world has been my happy place. I grew up chasing frogs and catching fish at the pond in my backyard. I hunted and fished often as a young man and began using books and other resources to self-train in bushcraft and naturalist skills.


Over the years I have gained knowledge and skill in a broad array of subjects including plant and tree ID and use, fire-making, woods tool use, wilderness navigation, wildlife tracking and bird language, shelter building, trapping and hunting, and more. I have over ten years of experience instructing others in outdoors skills. 


My favorite past-time is to spend time in nature with my family. My second favorite past-time is to share my love and knowledge of nature with others. Creating a legacy of love and connection for future generations is my goal in everything I do. My personal mission is to facilitate connection with self, others, and the natural world.


  • BA in Cultural Anthropology, Ashford Univ., 2015

  • MA Candidate, Outdoor Ed. with a focus on nature connection, Prescott College, est. graduation 2020

  • Wilderness First Responder, Certified March 2019

  • CyberTracker Track and Sign Level 2 Certified

  • Wilderness Awareness School Kamana 2 Graduate