Courses are currently not available to book on demand. Feel free to contact me to discuss options for the creation of a custom course. See you on the trail

Short-term Survival

Learn the knowledge, skills, and gear needed to take care of one’s immediate survival needs during an unexpected short or long-term stay in the backcountry. Through instruction and hands-on skills practice, this class covers survival psychology, lost-proofing, what one should do when they find themselves in a survival situation, and how to prioritize survival needs.   

Wilderness Navigation

Learn the knowledge, skill, and techniques necessary to safely navigate using map and compass. In this course the students engage in exercises to learn how to read and understand a topographic map and use a compass to effectively plot and execute a route. 

Intro to Bushcraft

Learn advanced skills that will allow you to spend more time in the bush in direct interaction with the natural world. Students will learn advanced methods of woods tool use, camp craft, shelter building, food procurement, outdoor cooking methods, advanced fire-lighting methods, including primitive fire-lighting, and tree/plant identification for use as medicine, food, and tools.