Introduction to Bushcraft


Course Description: 

Students will learn advanced methods of woods tool use, camp craft, shelter building, food procurement, outdoor cooking methods, advanced fire-lighting methods, including primitive fire-lighting, and tree/plant identification for use as medicine, food, and tools. Students will also learn foundational awareness techniques for learning about various aspects nature. The skills of bushcraft are the skills of the self-reliant outdoorsman; they are the skills that allowed our forebears to survive, travel, explore, and thrive in harsh environments; this course is an attempt at passing on the basics of those skills.

Class Details:

  • Duration - 2 to 4 days

  • Location - TBD

  • Cost - $140/person per day

  • Experience level needed - Short-term Survival Class taken, or previous outdoors experience

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Safely and efficiently use knife, axe, and saw to provide fuel and construct tools and shelters

  • Employ advanced principles for building adequate shelter for long-term stays in the bush

  • Understand how to procure calories outdoors in the form of animal and plant foods

  • Understand the fine art of cooking on an open fire and prepare meals with only a fire and the natural materials at hand

  • Know the principles and methods of primitive fire lighting

  • Identify and use tree and plant resources for food, medicine, and tools

  • Utilize awareness techniques for monitoring the cycles of nature and the movements and communications of animals on the land