Short-term Survival

Course Description: 

Students learn how to effectively take care of immediate medical needs, build adequate shelter, prepare, start, and maintain a fire, procure water and render it safe to drink, signal for rescue, and how to assemble an effective survival kit. Such knowledge and skills are insurance that every outdoorsperson should obtain and on which they should refresh often.

Class Details:

  • Duration - 8hrs to 3 days depending on depth of material desired

  • Location - TBD

  • Cost - $120/person per day

  • Experience level needed - None​​

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Know the proper steps to becoming lost-proof

  • Know the proper way to react when found in a survival scenario 

  • Understand the importance of and maintaining a good PMA (positive mental attitude)

  • Be able to recognize and deal with immediate life-threats (ABCDEs), and other first aid issues that may otherwise complicate an already stressful survival situation

  • Build an effective shelter

  • Procure water and render it safe to consume

  • Build, light, and manage a safe and adequate fire

  • Properly use at least 3 methods of signal for rescue

  • Assemble an appropriate and effective personal survival kit