Wilderness Navigation

with Map & Compass


Course Description: 

This course covers how to properly read and understand topographic maps, proper use of a compass, and how to put these two tools together to allow an individual to confidently traverse the landscape. GPS and other navigation systems are helpful but susceptible to failure or drained batteries. Knowing how to choose and follow a route on the land using traditional methods is an absolute necessity for hunters, fishermen, hikers, backpackers, or anyone else spending time in the deserts, forests, and mountains.

Course Description: 

Students learn how to effectively take care of immediate medical needs, build adequate shelter, prepare, start, and maintain a fire, procure water and render it safe to drink, signal for rescue, and how to assemble an effective survival kit. Such knowledge and skills are insurance that every outdoorsperson should obtain and on which they should refresh often.

Class Details:

  • Duration - 8hrs

  • Location - TBD

  • Cost - $70/person 

  • Experience level needed - None​​

By the end of the class students will be able to:

  • Effectively read and understand the symbols, terrain, and other information represented on a map

  • Manually measure approximate distance travelled based on pace count and terrain association in conjunction with a map

  • Have the capacity to effectively use the features of a compass by itself

  • Will be able to effectively use a compass and map together to navigate from one point to another

  • Use points of reference in the natural world to approximately determine the cardinal directions